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Mind Space Activity: Grade 8

Spotlight India at The Brigade School, Malleswaram

The Mind Space Activity for Grade 8 took place on September 15, 2023, at The Brigade School in Malleswaram, the theme was ‘Spotlight India.’

The event commenced on a vibrant note with the song ‘Incredible India,’ setting the stage for an inspiring journey. Students passionately showcased India’s accomplishments in various sectors in 2022, ranging from science and technology to agriculture.

One of the highlights was the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the International Year of Millets, emphasising the significance of millets in our agricultural heritage. The event also shed light on the crucial role of drone technology in modernising agricultural practices, ensuring a sustainable future.

Students passionately narrated the 50 years of ‘Project Tiger,’ emphasising the importance of preserving our national animal. Through a captivating tiger dance and anthem, they conveyed the urgency of protecting these magnificent creatures.

The advancements in India’s transportation sector were showcased through projects like the Bundelkhand Expressway, the innovative steel slag road in Surat, and Kochi’s pioneering water metro. An engaging video demonstrated these initiatives, highlighting India’s commitment to modern infrastructure.

Another remarkable achievement discussed was the Jal Jeevan Mission, which provided safe drinking water to 12 crore households. The event also delved into the Vibrant Village program, which focuses on sustainable eco-agribusiness, exemplified through the ‘one village-one project’ concept. The integration of regions like Coorg and Ladakh was creatively depicted through a mesmerizing dance performance by teachers.

The new parliament house, a symbol of India’s democratic values, was explained through an interactive activity, engaging both parents and students. The event also celebrated India’s economic success, symbolized by its ‘Goldilocks economy’ – characterized by robust growth and low inflation.

In the realm of science, the contributions of C.R Rao in mathematics and ISRO’s successful Chandrayaan-3 mission and Artemis Accords were highlighted. Students performed a graceful dance symbolizing humanity’s quest for the moon, capturing the spirit of exploration.

Parents were engaged in a lively sports quiz, testing their knowledge of India’s achievements in Cricket, Chess, and Javelin. The program also proudly showcased India’s presence on the global stage, with the Oscar won for the Best Documentary short film ‘Elephant Whisperers’ at the Academy Awards.

The grand finale of the event was a high-energy performance by a dance troupe, moving to the beats of NaatuNaatu, the Academy Award-winning Best Original Song. Parents joined in the celebration, dancing in harmony with the students.

To conclude this enlightening event, students served pen stands they had crafted and delectable short eats made from millet, providing a flavourful ending to this extravagant presentation.

In essence, ‘Spotlight India’ illuminated the achievements and contributions of India to the world, fostering a sense of immense pride among everyone present, and reaffirming the collective spirit of being Indian.
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