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Learning how technology works and how to harness it is important. Only when we understand, can we instruct a computer what to do. Technology is a means that supports students to understand something they do every day. Something as simple and enjoyable as playing a game. Every app is nothing but code. Skills like problem-solving and logic learned from coding can be applied to all subjects.

Coding increases creativity. Learning to code is like learning to read and write in a different language. Brilliant apps can be created in today’s digital world using one’s creativity. By developing projects, we can experience different ways to express our ideas and become innovative. Some examples are creating a cooking app, making a moving toy car, or making the virtual cat Tom talk.
Coding increases analytical skills as one tries to analyze the existing program to understand the process and accomplish the result. Testing or debugging a code helps us to analyze and build our logical skills. As the program is analyzed, breaking down the program and checking how each action affects the code makes one think objectively. Depending on the conditions, we need to apply appropriate coding skills. This comes through practice and improves one’s problem-solving skills as a complex problem is broken down into simpler modules and solved.

Coding in certain languages and scenarios gives immediate results and we can see the result of the code we have written and we can modify it accordingly. But in some languages, we need to practice and speculate on the results as they cannot be visualized immediately.
Coding is best learned as a team. As a team, students gather the requirements and the information. Discuss and present it within the team for the progression of the project. They need to understand the machine operations, and conditionals and revisit the subject. Once the final project is ready, it is presented to the peers and mentors. The whole process builds excellent communication, teamwork, technical, analytical, and presentation skills. Coding helps one to pay attention to details. It helps us to be accurate both from the code’s perspective and the users’ needs.

Hence, I would say that effective communication, creativity, planning, problem-solving and logical thinking are the roads that would lead to effective coding. coding  
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