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‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’ -Henry Adams.

Teachers can make an impact on hundreds of students day after day, year after year with the teaching-learning process. Teachers have had a paradigm shift from being teachers to educators; more so facilitators in the twenty-first century.

The teaching profession calls for passion, patience, and perseverance. It is distinct with regard to its personal touch, instilling of knowledge, and its judicious use for the benefit of blooming individuals. Teachers are makers of destiny- the creators of many other professions. Teachers shape minds and mould hearts.

Establishing a good rapport with students is critical, and this involves personalized attention, differentiated instruction, honing of existential intelligence of students, and catering to multiple intelligences of heterogeneous learners. Besides this, the SWOT analysis of students assists in streamlining their strengths and working on their weaknesses which helps to strengthen the bond with the students. Teaching becomes effective with an emotional touch and passion for a subject.

Educators have to be proactive and active listeners to learners. Listening is an important skill in the process of teaching. Active listening requires a conscious and conscientious effort. So also students can be trained to listen attentively in class while others are making presentations. This involves a painstaking effort on the part of the teacher to involve each and every student for the entire period ranging from thirty-five to forty minutes. Active listening leads to healthy interaction and participation of students.

The Teaching-Learning process is a journey from Head to Heart- an unforgettable journey etched in the memory of learners forever.

Mrs. Vinoda Harikrishna Rao
Vice Principal
The Brigade School@Malleswaram
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