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The Inaugural Opening of Sports at The Brigade School, Malleswaram on June 16th, marked the beginning of an exciting academic year. The event commenced with great anticipation and energy.
Tanvi Chetan, the compere for the event, emphasised the importance of sports, highlighting its significance.
Dr. Shashidhar H, CEO of The Brigade Foundation, delivered the welcome address. His motivational words, “we have learnt that history has time again shown us that the spirit of sports and games unite people. In fact, it is beyond losing or winning. It is the same spirit which teaches us to be free and fair in our lives” was a perfect start to the day.
Mrs. Menon, the Head of Brigade Foundation, declared the Intramural Sports Meet open, signifying the start of the sporting activities for the year.
Arya Venkataraghavan, the student from Std 10, carried the school flag, and the oath-taking was administered by Samhita Satish, also from Std 10.
The event’s highlight was an exciting exhibition football match between students from Std 9 and 10. The team captains introduced their players to the dignitaries, and Mr Cheria, the Administrator Brigade Foundation, tossed the coin for the kick-off. The energy and excitement were palpable as the students from 6-10 cheered on the participants.
The compere provided insights into the lessons that sports teach us- commitment, self-discipline and teamwork. Besides these, sports also equip one with the strength to handle fear and failure, build resilience and help with goal setting.
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