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The Right Way Forward
The Brigade School, Malleswaram – Career Counselling

Dr. AKILA SADASIVAN, the Director of Samvidh Psychological Services, conducted a session on career choices with the parents and students of The Brigade School @ Malleswaram -Std 10, on January 18, 2023.

Dr. Akila Sadasivan conducts training programmes and workshops for teachers, parents, students and psychologists in Bangalore. She works with the Child Guidance Centre at Prasanna Counselling Centre, Bangalore, since 2005. She has delivered many lectures and has presented papers on Learning disabilities in children in India and abroad.

She advised students to choose a career based on their USP, knowledge, aptitude, and passion. Students, she said, should not have a herd mentality. One crucial point emphasised by Dr. Sadasivan was that career choice is a process, not a one-day decision. Hence, students should make their choice a sustainable one and start reflecting on a career choice from Class 9 onwards. If one chooses a career of choice, he/she will not feel the monotony, drudgery and exhaustion.

Stress is not always negative, ‘Eustress’ (moderate or normal psychological stress) creates excitement in work and motivates us to persevere and achieve perfection. Hence, she brought home the point that students can do well in their academic and professional careers amidst stress too. Dr. Sadasivan articulated that ‘though it might be an uphill task to achieve what one wants; one must be bold and undaunted in using the trial-and-error method.’ One key takeaway from this talk was that experiential learning is a significant factor in climbing the ladder of success.

Dr. Sadasivan gave the interactive audience an insight into various career options and job opportunities in Science, Commerce and Humanities. She summed up her discussion with case studies and enlightening anecdotes.

In a nutshell, the following was a take-home learning for the parents and the students of Std 10:
Follow your passions,
Give wings to your dreams,
Decide carefully and calculatedly,
Streamline your goals,
Sustain your choices,
Be your role model
Soar high in your career.
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