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Art & Performing Arts

The Brigade School, Malleswaram celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th with music, skits and dance. The celebrations began with a musical number, ‘Sing for the Climate’ by the students of Standards 4-6. The song created visual imagery of the beautiful big blue planet, Mother Earth, and urged us to take care of her.
Students expressed the perils inflicted on Earth by pollution and highlighted the theme for this year- Beat Plastic Pollution. They brought to light the meaning of plastic pollution, how it is caused, and its effects on the earth and its ecosystem. They also discussed solutions and steps to curb plastic pollution.
The students of Standards 7-10 sang ‘I am the Earth’. This song was written for the International Year of Planet Earth, with a subtle environmental message. It imagines a dialogue between the Earth and the world’s children, focusing on the idea ‘you’re in our hands, we’re in your care’. The special assembly of World Environment Day ended with a contemporary dance depicting the importance of nature’s elements towards life and our responsibility to conserve it for health and happiness.
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